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Method for selecting cooler model for panel

Method for selecting indoor installed control panel heat quantity

1) Cooling capacity required for making the inside of the control panel of desired temperature is determined. First required numerical value is calculated.

  (1) Estimated heat generation quantity inside panel (unit: W (Watt))

        Total of estimated heat generation quantity of the machine housed in panel is calculated.

       *Refer to list of machine-wise heat generation quantity inside control panel for heat generation quantity of each machine.

  (2) Highest surrounding temperature (unit: 0C)

        Temperature assumed to be highest in the installation environment.

  (3) Desired set temperature inside panel (unit: 0C)

        Desired temperature inside panel (recommended temperature is 35°C.)

        *Be careful since excessively lowered set temperature causes dew formation.

  (4) Control panel effective surface area (unit: m2)

        Surface area of target control panel is calculated. (surface area except bottom surface in case of stand alone panel.)

2) Numerical values of (1) ~ (4) mentioned above are entered in the following calculation equation and required cooling capacity is calculated.

(Calculation equation for heat generation quantity inside panel)
Total heat generation quantity inside control panel (W) + Thermal conductivity ( W/m2・°C ) x control panel surface area (m2) x (highest surrounding temperature - desired temperature inside panel) = required cooling capacity (W)
*Thermal conductivity differs with used “metal plate type” and “thickness of metal plate”. As reference value, plate thickness is taken as 2mm and for steel plate, about 5W/m2・°C

3) Select by entering the abovementioned required cooling capacity in capacity characteristic graph of each control panel cooler.

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