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Effect of control panel cooler

1. Cooling effect

Spot cooler generally have blow temperature difference(temperature difference generated by sucking air, cooling it and then blowing) of 15 ~ 20°C. This temperature difference is applied to control panel cooler and if used under hot humid climate in summer of Japan, may lead to dew formation. (Graph)

Therefore, Apiste is particular about “mild cooling design” wherein dew formation does not occur by controlling the blowing temperature difference within 80°C considering average summer humidity of 60% in Japan. Cooling is done slowly while dehumidification, to prevent dew formation. Design of freezing circuit itself is regulated taking into consideration the individual parts comprising the freezing cycle. This allows gentle cooling of electronic machines.

Cooling effect


2.Efficient Dust Prevention

Control panel with cooler becomes independent air tight unit in an empty room since inside air and outside air are totally separated. Hence, dust free effect different from the case of panel fan or introducing outside air is obtained. Control panel cooler is introduced in climate with lot of oil mist or dust particles for this reason.

Dust free effect

3. Dehumidification effect

When cooling coil that cools air containing moisture using cooling medium, is passed, dew formation occurs by temperature difference on surface of cooling coil and water formed that time is given out. This is in other words dehumidification. This product not only protects control panel from heat trouble but also improves environment around control panel so as to prevent trouble caused due to moisture and dust particles.

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