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Cooler for electronic cooling type panel

Electronic cooling type panel cooler

Panel cooler using Peltier element(electronic cooling element). Structure is simpler and than freezing cycle type and no-CFC. However, number of cooling system(COP) is bad and inefficient in terms of power. Hence, size cannot be increased.

Electronic cooling type panel cooler


Electronic cooling type (Peltier effect)

Based on “Peltier effect” discovered by a German Setback in 1821. Phenomenon of passing current between metals based on temperature difference is called as Seebeck effect named after the inventor. Further, Peltier, a French in 1834 discovered the phenomenon that heat absorbing surface or heat generating surface is formed when direct current is passed between 2 different metals and when flow of current is reversed, this phenomenon also reverses. This phenomenon is called as “Peltier effect”.

Recently, this is being used for cooling of cold storage insulation box for automobiles, CPU of PC etc. Different from air conditioning system using cooling medium such as CFC etc., this cooling method is said to be eco-friendly.

Electronic cooling type (Peltier effect)

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