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Method for selecting heater for panel

Method for selecting heater for panel

* Difference between temperature inside panel (required) and outside temperature (set temperature rise value) ⊿t (K)

Set temperature rise area ⊿t Criterion value for relative temperature lowering
5K About 20% lowering
10K About 40% lowering

(1) Effective heat dissipation area is determined.

Surface area of control panel (except bottom)

Control panel H = ( )m ... (a), W = ( )m...(b), D = ( )m ... (c)

(a) × (b) × 2 + (a) × (c) × 2 + (b) × (c) = [  ] m2 ... S


(2) Difference between desired temperature inside panel and outside temperature is determined.

Ex) In case of freezing prevention,

Outside air = -10°C, desired temperature inside panel = 10°C

[-10°C] - [10°C] =⊿t = 20°C

⊿t…[  ]

Determine heater capacity from the abovementioned selection criterion graph based on effective heat dissipation area (S) and temperature difference (⊿t).


Cautions for selection method

1) If considering freezing prevention, setting inside panel is kept above 5°C.

2) In case of countermeasure for dew formation, relative humidity can be lowered by increasing the temperature inside panel than that of the outside air.

3) The abovementioned selection method is the criterion value and changes with condition( internal heat generation quantity, presence of opening and shutting mouth, weather condition ).


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