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Method for selecting dehumidifier



(1) Space inside panel is determined.

 H = (  )m × W = (  )m × D = (  )m = [  ] m2 ------ (1)

(2) Desired set humidity inside panel is defined.

 [  ]% ------ (2)

Select model as per the abovementioned selection criterion graph from the numerical values of (1) and (2).


Cautions for selection method

1) Panel having airtight structure is the prerequisite. Hence, select with enough margin if open part is present.

2) Humidity inside panel is generally 50 ~ 60%.

3) If humidity is set rather low, static electricity may generate.

4) If desired set humidity is below 50%, select more than 1 models.



Abovementioned is the method for selecting electric degradation type dehumidifier. Contact office in-charge in other cases.



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