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Atmosphere and air

Used as a generic term for the air surrounding the earth.
The air surrounding the earth as seen from the surface of the earth troposphere→the stratosphere→the mesosphere→the thermosphere→the exosphere

Atmosphere and air

Moist air (Air containing water vapour). More than 99% of the air in the atmosphere is in the troposphere.
Main components of the air excluding the vapour are nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide.

Dry air:
Air that does not contain water vapour. Dry air is considered as the standard because the moisture present in the moist air changes with temperature.
Percentage composition of dry air is shown in the table below.

Composition of dry air

Gas symbolic molecular weight volume percentage(%) weight percentage(%)
Nitrogen N2 28.013 78.09 75.53
Oxygen O2 31.999 20.95 23.14
Argon Ar 39.948 0.93 1.28
Carbon dioxide CO2 44.010 0.03 0.05


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