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Calculation of duct pressure loss

- 90° Equivalent length of bent straight pipe

Notes) In case of 90°bend in the minimum bending radius, the length of the notation will be added as a pressure loss.

Diameter (φD) Equivalent straight length of the pipe (mm)
φ100 600
φ125 800
φ150 900
φ175 1,100
φ200 1,200
φ225 600
φ250 700
φ300 800
φ350 900
φ400 1,100
φ450 1,200
φ500 1,300

To calculate the duct pressure loss, please refer to the ventilation quality of each manufacturer.

example) using the duct in the above mentioned characteristics figure
φ150mm, the pressure loss when the air volume 10m3/min is ventilating in the duct of length 3m
However, we assume that there is a 90 ° bend in the middle one time.

From the special graph, the pressure loss of the straight tube is approximately 12Pa/m.
equivalent straight tubular length of 90° bend is 900mm
Pressure loss = 12×(3+0.9)=46.8(Pa)

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