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Comparison of general air conditioning and precise air conditioning

Classification of air conditioning

General air conditioning ─┬─ Home use air conditioners
              ├─ Air conditioners for stores
              ├─ Building air conditioning system
              ├─ Factory air conditioning system
              └─ General clean room

Precision air conditioning ─┬─ Precision clean room
               ├─ Mini environment (local air conditioning system)
               └─ Laboratory constant temperature and humidity

The difference between precision air conditioning and general air conditioning

  Precision air conditioning General air conditioning
Temperature control Refrigeration cycle Low pressure refrigerating cycle High pressure refrigerating cycle
Control method PID control

Simple inverter control
or ON/OFF control
(Inevitable overshoot hunting)

Defrost* No Yes
Temperature control

Freely change the emission temperature to high or low
→Difficult to cold condensation. It is necessary that the two units are warm

In case of one, during changing
inevitable blurring of accuracy
→Prone to condensation in the vicinity of the cold air discharge

Temperature control accuracy ±0.05~0.5℃ ±2~3℃
Structures Indoor unit can be controlled in the vicinity of the work, outdoor unit is isolated structure Only temperature of the suction port is seen.
Type of the fan High static pressure Sirocco fan Low static pressure scroll fan
Fan replacement Possible Not possible
Humidity control Control method PID control ON/OFF control
(inevitable overshoot hunting)
Vaporization method Electrical vaporization method Ultrasonic method
Humidity control Difficult to condensate even near the vicinity of the emission with minute fog nozzle Near the emission mouth, separation is done for condensation and no condensation, with thin humidification effect
Humidity control precision ±1~2%RH ±10~15%RH
Ability to configure Humidity can be set freely Can not be controlled with outside air
Water supply method  Automatic supply with handling
Fan replacement Possible Not possible
Scale measures Automatic drainage function No drainage function

*defrost: Defrost time (During this time, except for ventilation work , freezing work is temporarily stopped)

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