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Problems with the entire air conditioning

Problems with the entire air conditioning

(1)Sudden big change because of the outside air OA, is not stable.
→Example) Humidity increases suddenly when it rains.

(2)Temperature difference is more at air conditioner nozzle and return path.

(3)Difficult to cope with load fluctuation is above the initial design value.
→Example) Large scale space about last minute design is more (energy conservation is taken into consideration).

(4)Variation in temperature and humidity occurs due to layout.

(5)When heat is generated at source, temperature rise and dispersion occur.

(6)Depending on the whole identity condition, unmatched process influence will be there.
→Example) Since there are processes which dislike moisture and processes which need high moisture, separate rooms are made.

(7)Environment for workers and equipment must be identical to the environment of the product.
→Example) According to the specification of the instrument, if 20°C set, it is cold enough for the workers to become ill.

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