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Mini environment

Since only space is needed for air conditioning, it can be introduced to reduce cost.

Only the space conditioning for equipment"s and processes which require high quality and high precision temperature and humidity. Because of that, it is necessary to have over specification clean room and a second look at the entire air conditioning.
By introducing constructive cost, the cost is reduced substantially.

Since space is limited, materialization of higher precision and high stability.

Object space which is air conditioned, improvement of temperature and humidity precision with limited accuracy is possible.
To minimize the effects of temperature and humidity of the ambient air, with high accuracy, highly stabilized and reliable air conditioning space is materialized.

Depending on the line request, freely available system will be up.

In order to meet the manufacturing quality needs, flexibility to correspond production environment of the device and process is required. It is possible to correspond to various changes and requirements such as temperature control, warm humidity control, clean up system with high level cleanliness, quality.

It is easy to install, move and decompose at the required place.

Since temperature, humidity, degree of cleanliness, clean space etc. respective item is treated as an unit, it is not only easy to install but also possible to move to the required place.

Both maintenance and maintenance control is minimum.

By comparing the room cleaning and entire air conditioning, electric cost is also less. In addition, cost is reduced significantly to maintain replacement of HEPA filter.
It is also possible to reduce the maintenance cost of air conditioners etc.

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