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Temperature and humidity control method

ON-OFF Control

(Nonworking) is set when the cooling (Working of compressor) is higher than the set temperature, OFF stop) is set when the cooling is lower than the set temperature.
Even when cooling is stopped, cooling effect remains for a while because of the residual heat (cold) and in spite of starting the cooling system, immediate cooling effect wont be there and overshooting occurs for the set temperature with eternal hunting.
In order to prevent chattering, hysteresis of about ±1~2°C will be taken on the set temperature.

Inverter Control

Regarding controlling motor revolutions per minute(frequency) of the compressor by the inverter, cooling ability is adjusted. The method of general air conditioning of air conditioners is widespread. Control board design is necessary that corresponds to the characteristics of the motor and the use of the machine dedicated to the initial cost is an issue.

Heater reheat PID Control

According to the cooler principle, working continuously with constant speed at a set temperature to control the output of the heating heater from deviation from the set temperature with sensor inspection.
Eliminate hunting behaviour with a combination of P proportion) movement, 1(integral calculus) movement, D(differential calculus) movement, it is possible to control temperature at high precision.
However, the cooler output must be always have stability which is required for temperature accuracy. Continuous working is not possible because of defrosting and in case of structure with cooling output variable, it becomes the cause of precision instability.

Heat pump Control

In broad sense, a heat pump is an equipment which by giving energy such as electricity, heat from outside, moves heat from low temperature part to high temperature part. This corresponds to the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning precision, cooling and heating technology of refrigerators. In home air conditioners, switching the cooling(or heating) valve reciprocally, cooler or heater of the air conditioner can be used.

In the heat pump, two circuits are combined. This drives cooling and heating simultaneously. The opening and closing of valve controls the balancing of cooling and heating. There is a control through which temperature is controlled. Compared to PID of reheat heater, the heater becomes unnecessary and maximum dissipation consumption decreases , in order to make 2 circuits work with one compressor it is necessary to have one circuit large sized compressor. The output of the heating heater of reheat heater PID control, is just the deviation amount of detected temperature. If we think of usual no output of the load heater, the cases where no great difference in the actual electric power consumption quantity are more.
The precise air conditioning machine control is difficult because both the air cooler and air heater always fluctuate which is a demerit of this system. Especially when there is fluctuations due to external disturbance etc. or when there is a setting modification etc., caution is necessary.
 In addition, since the output of the cooler always fluctuates, the moisture removal factor also fluctuates. With usual precise air conditioning, in case of the humidifier non on board model, with humidity development in the air, extreme fluctuation is not seen but with heating pump two circuit method, it shows "the humidity fluctuations".

Refrigerant flow rate Control

Sent to the dedicated coil (radiator) for heating installed in the bypass circuit by the high temperature high pressure refrigerant that has been compresses by the compressor and controls heating quantity precisely with the flow control of the refrigerant. The coil for heating works similarly as the electricity heater.
Basically, in precise air conditioning industry, the principle of high result reheat heater PID control method is same, because of energy conservation, electric heater can be excluded. High precision point is located in the stabilized cooler, same as in the heater pump of heater less 2 circuits control method, the cooler output does not fluctuate. In addition, if heating ability is insufficient, twin control which adds electric heater is possible.

Explanatory refrigerant flow control diagram

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