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About Temperature Sensor

  Thermistor Thermocouple Platinum
IC sensor

Made up of semiconductors such as nickel oxide and manganese, and is used in temperature controllers by changing internal resistance due to temperature changes.

 If you join both ends of 2 differing types of metals, A and B, and give a temperature difference to both the ends, Current flows through the thermoelectric power in the circuit that is proportional to the temperature difference that occurs.(This is called the Setback effect.)By measuring the thermal electromotive force, it is possible to know the temperature of the measure temperature contact point. Temperature measurement using a thermocouple correction is performed at room temperature with electrical input at the terminals of the thermocouple, making it possible to directly read the temperature of the measured temperature contact point.

Used as a resistive element with chemically very stable platinum at 100Ω when at 0°C. As Resistance changes to Temperature changes occurs quickly, temperature control is done using this. Measures the temperature using the characteristics of a proportional change in electrical characteristics due to changes in temperature band gap (diode) semiconductor. Less susceptible to noise disturbance as compared to analogue.
In addition, the sensor itself can be smaller than the surface mount chip components.
±3~4℃ ±0.2~1℃ ±0.05~0.5℃ ±0.01~0.2℃


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