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Cooling Method of Precision Air conditioning

The role of the precision air conditioners is cooling and dehumidification. Control is performed by heating and humidification, and it is desired that the refrigerator is in continuous operation at a stable and constant speed.
Stops defrosting etc., care must be taken to supress changes due to surrounding environment.

Refrigeration system high pressure freezing method unsuitable for precision air conditioning
If the refrigerant pressure is increased, there is a possibility of the refrigeration coil freezing if air volume is not continuously sent, leading to a frozen coil state. In addition, there is also the issue of frost due to changes in ambient temperature, etc., requiring time to be taken for defrosting (Frost stop time)
Precision air conditioning refrigeration system suitable for Low pressure refrigeration system Low pressure refrigeration system is superior in its ability to respond to changes in ambient temperature and air volume, always achieving stable control. Based on this a non defrost (no Defrost downtime) precision air conditioning system with continuous operation was made possible.


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