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Humidification system

  Electric heater format
Schematic drawing Open pan
Closed pan
Explanation In open type water tank the steam, water vapour generation is achieved across bigger range  In case of air tight vessel, the uniform steam, water vapour is generated from small nozzle by causing internal air turbulence
Controllability Difficulty in control process due to non-uniformity in particles High controllability
Control system Proportional control PID control
Size Slightly larger Slightly larger
Important point Anti scale measures required Anti scale measures required
  Ultrasonic method Air spray method Filter vaporization method


Explanation Commonly used in humidifiers.
Steam/ water vapour is produced by dropping water over high frequency vibrators.
Water is converted into vapour by passing high pressure water from small orifice. Humidification process is achieved using special type of vaporization filter.
Controllability Control possible  Control not possible High controllability
Control system ON/OF ON/OF PID control
Size Small Small Slightly larger
Size Small Small Slightly larger
Important point  Anti scale measures required Due to high volume of vaporized molecules, precautions are necessary against air bubbles due to presence of high humidity  Filter maintenance necessary


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