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4 rules of clean room

Management for maintaining quality of clean room is classified into 4 sections which are called as 4 rules of clean room.

 (1) Restricting entry of pollutants

Air lock mechanism using air box or air shower etc. is constructed for preventing inflow of pollutants from outside to inside of the clear room. Moreover, it is also important that there is no leakage from machine supplying clean air such as air filter etc.

 (2) Not generating pollutants

Use of dustproof clothes, mask, cap, hand gloves etc., management of entry – exist from room, optimization of work content, movement line is studied for limiting generation from workers which is the biggest source of pollution. Management of fixtures used inside the room is also important.

 (3) Eliminating pollutants

Increasing the frequency of ventilation is effective in quick elimination of pollutants generated inside the room. Moreover, hood or duct ventilation treatment is given at locations of generation of pollutants, which is effective in reducing its effect on other places also.

 (4) Not allowing accumulation of pollutants

Inside the clear room, pollutants are eliminated outside by current of clean air. Therefore, pollutants get accumulated when zone of air accumulation is generated. Therefore, it is important that air does not get accumulated. Moreover, cleanliness is maintained by countermeasures such as layout of devices such that difficult-to-clean places are not generated in the empty room, making the work manual so that required cleaning is regularly done.

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