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Energy saving/up to 80% reduction in power consumption

Eco hot gas control technology achieves traditionally unachievable energy-saving/wide range compatibility

Eco hot gas control technology
Eco hot gas control technology
Eco hot gas control technology is a control system in which a single compressor simultaneously performs cooling and heating functions while also conserving energy, and also draws out maximum cooling capability by precisely controlling the temperature of the cooling unit and keeping it close to 0℃. While it also saves energy, it continues to perform precision air conditioning with its stabilized coil temperature and without ever dropping in dehumidification capability, and there is no need to worry about the cooling unit freezing. This control system provides for energy conservation and stable temperature/humidity control all year round, as well as achieving disturbance following capability, and high level refrigeration capabilities.
Eco hot gas control technology

Up to 80% of energy saved with the double heatless system

Eco hot gas control technology
Eco hot gas + Double heatless control technology
Apiste has high standards for humidifying technology, and has developed a new and revolutionary kind of heating technology previously unheard of.
The totally new idea of performing cooling/heating/humidifying on the same refrigeration cycle has allowed us to achieve not only up to 80% energy conservation but also ±0.5% humidity precision, which is amazing.
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