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Various self-diagnostic functions/Excellent operability

A: Multi LED display

Grasp operating status at a glance

Five high brightness LEDs notify you of operating status. It's possible to confirm operating status of each unit even from afar. Allows for immediate handling during maintenance and when alarms go off.

1.Compressor operation confirmation lamp

2.Heater operation confirmation lamp

3.Fan motor (internal fan) operation confirmation lamp

4.Humidifier operation confirmation lamp


B: Large-size LED with 15mm-high characters

In pursuit of better visibility

Loaded with a large-size 7-segment LED. It was created to allow for setting of 10mm display pitch, enabling maximum visibility even from afar and in dark places. Also, with the dual temperature/humidity display, status confirmation is possible without any toggling. Air conditioning status is displayed in real time. The various self-diagnostic displays cover all areas that are crucial for air conditioning.

C: Set button

Precise operation is possible even when wearing gloves

The set button secures 12mm of vertical pitch. The button is 0.5mm high, and with its verifiable click feeling you can smoothly operate the equipment even while wearing clean gloves, etc.
Precise operation is possible even when wearing gloves

Various self-diagnostic functions/Excellent operability.

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