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Apiste's highly functional humidifying unit achieves high stability

Loaded with closed pan system/humidifying unit

Enabling precise humidity control

Both the air-chilled and water-chilled precision air conditioning units are loaded with closed pan system humidifying units. Apiste's humidification unit provides uniform fine water vapor and enables high precision humidity control.

■Closed pan structuring

By creating air turbulence inside the pan part and going around the shield, the creation of fine water vapor is possible.
The fine water vapor from the humidifying unit is adequately mixed with the precision air inside the mixing box and then discharged.

Closed pan structuring

■Open pan structuring

It may be cheaper cost-wise, but since water vapor rises from the whole pan, unevenness in water vapor particles around the top of the pan occurs more easily, making it not work ell with high precision humidity control.

Temperature/Humidity Control Type

Newly Developed / Humidification Unit (loaded to the air-chilled A series)

Even more easy to use

Apiste has newly developed this humidification unit which linearly follows up with humidity sensors and achieves high quality humidity control. This new type of closed humidification unit features excellent responsiveness, stability, maintainability, and durability, along with excellent structural design. Also, in order to avoid unevenness in control and condensation, it has also been loaded with its own functions such as 2-stage control function and anti-scale autoblow functions, vastly improving its already excellent usability.

Autoblow function to automatically discharge high scale concentration humidifier water

The humidifier is loaded with an internal anti-scale automatic discharge function. Water with a high scale concentration is discharged outside the device. Discharge times and intervals can be set freely. Also, the drain discharge button on the control panel makes it possible to discharge water every five seconds when required for maintenance.

1. Excellent maintainability
By pulling the humidification unit forward from the back of the air conditioning unit and sliding it, it can be completely removed from the air conditioning unit. Onsite maintenance, adjustments, and part exchange are all possible. With regards to anti-scale measures, while also flexing these features it is also possible to greatly reduce the time and frequency of maintenance.
Precise operations even possible when wearing gloves
2. Scale soft insertion slot
Anti-scale sticking chemicals can be easily introduced.
Precise operations even possible when wearing gloves

Newly Developed / Humidification Unit

3. High-function humidifier heater

The highly efficient and insulation-resistant heater improves humidifying performance. It performs constantly stable humidification control.

4. Stainless draw latch

The main parts can be attached and removed without tools thanks to the draw latch.

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