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Air Cooled Chillers

Air Chillers

The air chiller/PCU series can be used in a wide variety of production processes. On top of laser beam machines, various high-precision work machines, high-frequency oscillators, welders, molders, and analyzers, it also excels in many uses for circulated water cooling, such as temperature control for various types of welding, stirring machines, etc. It has a wide range of controllable temperatures, from -10℃~80℃. Since these air chillers are able to continue working without stopping a compressor at all of its temperature ranges, it provides constant reliability and precision. Additionally, it utilizes a multistage roll pump in order to avoid causing water pumps to "pulsate". Since pulsation, which are said to have a negative influence on working accuracy and measurement accuracy, does not occur, it allows for more precision and reliable production/development/quality management. Pumps can be adjusted to lifting height for more functionality. Our lineup contains four types: 200W/400W/600W/750W.

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