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Pump is a machine which transports liquids in general from a lower place to a higher place.

When pump is roughly classified

Non capacity (turbo shape) pump

By rotating the impeller inside the casing, the liquid gets the energy. It is used in general for the centrifugal pump, the mixed flow pump, the axial flow pump etc. The special feature of non capacity pump is that high speed rotation is relatively continuous and sucking up and pushing up is relatively low and since the flow fluctuates largely because of the load, it is said that the quantitative characteristics is low.

Capacity pump

Volume is varied by either reciprocating motion or rotary motion in the fluid state of constant volume, which in turn gives energy to the liquid. In general terms, the special features of a capacity pump are that its quantitative characteristics are good and the sucking up and pushing up capacity is relatively high. This pump is used mostly in food industry, chemical industry etc.

Special pump

There exists pumps which use the jet injection power of the water or the steam compressed air.

Non capacity pump
  Centrifugal pump
  Mixed flow pump
  Axial flow pump

Capacity pump
  Reciprocating pump
  Rotary pump

Special pump
The majority of the pumps which are used for the water circulation Chiller is the non capacity pump. Capacity pump is used in the case of circulating oil Chillers etc. whose viscosity is high.

Non capacity pump

Centrifugal pump

Making the spat out flow from the impeller as primary, this pump has the inner surface perpendicular to the spindle. From water supply, sewer to process pump for the chemical plant, the eddying pump is used in various purposes. In order to obtain high pressure force, fixed guide vane is provided outside the impeller and diffuse pump is devised which is suited for small quantity water supply using high pressure.

Mixed flow pump

In this pump, inside the conical surface, the spat out flow of the impeller designates the central line of the principal axis as the axis. The characteristics of centrifugal pump and axial pump are combined. By processing the casing of eddying condition, the eddying mixed flow pump is used to pump relatively big capacity river water or rain water draining where as the mixed flow pump consisting of diffuser guide vanes, is often used to pump drainage water.

Axial flow pump

Axial pumps are pumps, where the flow which is spat out from the impeller is inside the principal axis and the concentric cylindrical surface. It is suitable for low lift and large capacity, for use in low flow rate, the exaltation degree is not generally suitable.

Pump troubles

Water leakage

In order to transport the liquid, the pump by trapping the liquid in the main body rotates the shaft and there is always a sealing part. Durability depends on the type of the seal but eventually it has a lifespan. What is important is whether it is easy to exchange when there is a water leak or not. In order to avoid trouble, draining route should be guaranteed securely. At this point of time, in the above mentioned falling system, there are times when time is required to pull out the entire water from the tank and exchanging it.

Pump lock phenomenon

If scales and debris get clogged inside the plumbing pipe of a Chiller, then it becomes difficult for the water to flow and because of which there are times when the motor of the pump gets locked. If this condition continues for a long time, it may lead to motor damage.


If not a direct pump problem, then it should be noted as a problem caused by pump pulsation. Pulse comes out when water is supplied using a pump in the same way as of a human heart. In recent years, Chiller is used in many applications such as in precision measuring instrument, precision manufacturing equipment etc., and there are times when the vibration and the temperature variation which comes from pulsation creates problem.


Vibration of work


Pump having pulsation→Cascade pump

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