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Apiste Corporation (further referred to as the company) considers the protection of the privacy of its customers as very important. Thus, it has established the following policies for the handling of its customers' personal information on this site, and these policies are implemented thoroughly throughout the whole company.

What is meant by personal information?

Personal information is information such as the customers' name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and place of employment, which can be used for the identification of the customer's identity independently or in combination.

Personal information collection

The company collects personal information from its customers in relation to the provision of information regarding its products and services to them.
The personal information collected from customers, is used for the following purposes.

  • Provision and introduction of the newest products, technological, and services information related to its products and services.
  • Provision of information regarding any type of campaigns, exhibitions, and periodic publications.
  • Provision of information related to specification changes and maintenance of its products.
  • Implementation of surveys related to product development and improvement.
  • Implementation of surveys related to the enhancement and improvement of the company's service content.

Who has access to this personal information?

Personal information is used only internally at Apiste Corporation.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The company will not disclose its customer's personal information prior to obtaining permission to do so from the customer.

Proper management of personal information

The company complies with all laws concerning the protection of personal information and conducts strict control of its customers' privacy.
The company limits any queries regarding the customers' personal information themselves, and implements strict security measures, which do not allow easy access to personal information, even that of its own employees.

Disclosure of personal information to subcontractors

The company might delegate the operations related to the website management, as well as personal information management, within the scope of legitimate purposes, to third parties.
In that case, the company will also perform strict supervision and management of personal information handling on the part of its subcontractors.

Claims related to the disclosure, correction, and termination of use of personal information

Please direct any inquiries regarding the disclosure of personal information held by the company to the following contact address.
The desired measures as per the inquiry will be taken once the identity of the demanding party has been confirmed.

Apiste Corporation
Sales Promotion Group, Privacy Policy Staff
TEL : 06-6343-0515 / E-mail :

The company's privacy policy is subject to any appropriate modifications in order to protect the personal information received from its customers, or in accordance with the enactment or modification of personal information-related laws.

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