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Film Manufacturing

1.The Detection Of Film Holes
The Detection Of Film Holes

Infrared thermography inspects defects such as holes in the films that are sent at high speed.

Infrared Thermography

The temperature can be measured in surface instead of point. Thermal images can be obtained on the line, and detection is also available.

2.The Temperature Control of the Circulating Water For The Roller Jacket
The Temperature Control of the Circulating Water For The Roller Jacket

When the circulating water temperatures in the jacket are varied, the film pressure will be affected. By controlling the temperature with the chiller, the surface temperature of the jacket can be stabled.

Chiller Units

Circulating water temperature control in a wide temperature range is possible. In addition to water-cooling, heating is also possible.

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3.Cooling For The Hydraulic Unit Of The Actuator
Cooling For The Hydraulic Unit Of The Actuator

Such problems as the change of the feed speed of the actuator due to the temperature increase of the hydraulic unit, are likely to happen. The oil temperature controll will be necessary.

Oil Chillers

By controlling the water temperature, ensuring the operation of the actuator can be possible.

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4.Cooling For The PC Rack
Cooling For The PC Rack

By controlling the temperature in the control panel that houses many inverters, preventing the deterioration of the electronic components can be possible.

Panel Cooling Units

The equipment also handle the dust-cooling, duhuimidification, and dust-filtering for the interior of the control panel, It always maintains the best condition.

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