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I want to chill oil

Oil chiller units with vastly improved environmental durability

Heat exchanging power enabling cooling even with external temperatures of up to 50℃ and filter clogging rates of 90%.

I want to maintain stable temperature/humidity

Achieving high precision temperature/humidity control and cleanliness management in local spaces

Provides the high level of control required for various manufacturing, testing, and analysis processes.

I want to dehumidify/humidify

Dry air units with instant powerful dehumidification

Realizing low-humidity environments for various production facilities with amazing dehumidification capability.

I want to manage water temperature

Chiller units which can be employed for various uses/processes

Supports a wide range temperature control region, from -10℃~80℃. Operation without stopping the compressor is possible in all regions.

I want to cool/dustproof control panels

Control coolers which help achieve the best condition of inner panel electronic devices

Performs cooling/dustproofing/dehumidification of control panels.

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