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Effect of oil temperature on device

In the hydraulic operating system, hydraulic oil used as power transmitting medium gets heated during the operation, increasing the temperature and thereby causing different problems. Temperature management of hydraulic oil is needed for appropriate management.

Viscosity of hydraulic oil changes with temperature.



Hydraulic oil temperature management

Appropriate temperature is set for hydraulic oil. Deterioration rate can be slowed and expected events and failure can be prevented by temperature management.


Appropriate oil temperature of hydraulic device

Mineral oil based hydraulic oil 40~60℃
Hydrous hydraulic oil water - glycol W/O emulsion 40~50℃
Synthetic hydraulic oil(phosphoric acid ester system) 40~60℃

Appropriate operation temperature range

Start lower limit temperature 10~60℃
Preparatory operation temperature 15~30℃
Operation temperature 30~60℃
Operation limit temperature 60~80℃
Risk upper limit temperature 80℃


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