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Control panel cooling unit ENC-G610L

Control Panel Cooling unit
Freon-gas Standard


ENC Series

Control Panel Cooling unit Freon-gas Standard ENC-G610L

Space-saving and high cooling capacity with a compact body.

  • Freon-gas
  • Standard
Cooling capacity(W) 500/600
Rated Voltage(V) Single-phase AC100
Mounting type Side-mounting
External dimensions(mm) H450×W350×D200
Weight(kg) 16

Product Details for ENC-G610L



Mounting type Side-mounting
Cooling capacity(W) 500/600
Setting Temperature Range(℃) 25~45
Use Area Temperature(℃) 20~50
Use Area Humidity(%RH) 10~85 (No condensation)
External dimensions(mm) H450×W350×D200
Weight(kg) 16
Coating Color Munsell 5Y 7/1 Equivalent color of light beige
Rated Voltage(V) Single-phase AC100
Consumption Current: Rated(A) 3.3/3.2
Consumption Current: MAX(A) 3.9/4.1
Starting Current(A) 7.4/7.7
Consumption wattage: Rated(W) 270/310
Consumption wattage: MAX(W) 340/370
Vibration Resistance Equivalent to JIS Z 0200 Level1
Dust prevention / dust proof protection class Equivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
Refrigerant / Fill ration(g) R134a 100g
Noise (dB (A)) Approx. 63/67
External Output Alarm output (No-voltage/normal open: resistive load 250V 2A)
Display Internal temperature/Error display LED/RUN LED

Cooling capacity : Rated capacity value when external temperature is 35°C, internal setting temperature is 35°C. (measurement conditions:JIS-C-9612 air enthalpy method))
Use area temperature / humidity : Use area temperature / humidity is not meant to satisfy all conditions in temperature and humidity.
Rating Value : 35°C ambient temperature, ambient humidity RH 40%.
MAX value: use area temperature at the maximum use area temperature allowed, use area humidity of 40%RH.
Use the product keeping the use power supply and voltage; within ±10% of rated power supply and rated voltage.
Reading an instruction manual well certainly before use and please use it right.

Accessories list

Mounting bolt for main unit 6 (M6×L20)
Drain hose 2m
Insulation lock ties 1
Washer 2
Spacer 6
Air direcrion louver 1
Mounting bolt for louver 2
Packing (Long) 2 / (Short) 2
Instruction manual 1

Replacement parts list

Condenser side Fan Circulating fan for G610L
Evaporator side Fan Outside air fan for G610L
Filter ENC-F-23 (2 pieces)
Control PCB Substrate for G610L/G620L

Note: Check with our sales representative as the delivery lead time varies depending on the inventory status.
*Note that the model, specifications and other details described are subject to change without notice.

External dimensions

ENC-G610L External dimensions

Diagram of Panel Cutout

ENC-G610L Diagram of Panel Cutout

*Figure seen from control board outside.
*Please keep screw pace on the occasion of processing.
*Standard panel cut will not be changed even if a model change is carried out (some exceptions apply), but the minimum panel cut dimensions are subject to change without notice.
*The power cable retrieval section is either slanted or machined to a diameter or φ50.

Capacity characteristic chart

ENC-G610L Capacity characteristic chart

[Capacity characteristic]
Capacity measurement conditions : measurement conditions: JIS-C-9612 air enthalpy method

*Contact our sales representative if you are using the control panel cooler in an environment close to the permissible ambient temperature upper limit.

To ensure proper operation of this equipment, read the operation manual before use.
Product is delivered by truck. (To a designated location in Japan *Island destinations excluded)
Depending on model and quantity, separate charter delivery may be arranged (additional costs apply). 
When delivering overseas, special packing for overseas shipment is recommended.
After checking the specifications of the FA cooler, be sure to insert an appropriate breaker (circuit breaker for wiring) between the FA cooler and the power supply.
Using beyond the rated power supply range may cause malfunction.
Perform periodic maintenance.
Neglecting periodic maintenance can degrade unit performance and cause mechanical problems.
Do not allow the FA cooler to operate continuously in winter when the outdoor temperature is low.
When disposing of this unit, do so properly in accordance with laws and regulation.