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Product lineupNon-flon-gas Fin-less & Energy saving

ENC Series

Model list

Model Cooling capacity
Rated Voltage
External Dimensions (H×W×D)
Side-mounting type
530 Single-phase AC200~240 H450×W350×D260 19 Product details
Side-mounting type
1000 Single-phase AC200~240 H730×W350×D260 26 Product details
Side-mounting type
1460 Single-phase AC200~240 H1000×W400×D230 32 Product details

Features of non-flon finless energy saving



fin-less filter-less

Achieves finless filterless with HFO-1234yf refrigerant

This is the first finless condensers using HFO-1234yf coolant.
No places where clogs can occur means no need for filters.

Triple eco control

Uses only the power required.

Along with Apiste’s innovative inverter compressor control,
features a new condenser fan and expansion valve control. Greatly improved.

Modbus/RTU communication (RS-485) standard equipment.

IoT compatible

Modbus/RTU communication (RS-485) standard equipment. Convert centralized temperature control for all control panels, batch setting changes, and other tasks to a manufacturing floor IoT system.

Embedded mounting compatible

Space saving

Fully embed into the control panel without using any special holder. In tight spaces as well, fits snugly and without sticking out.

Global specifications

200-240V free power

As the number of global projects increases, the ENC-GR-Pro series has adopted the global specification of input 200-240V free power supply. When constructing a new copy line similar to the Japanese production line overseas, or when relocating Japanese equipment overseas, there is no need to consider the troublesome model that was required in the past.