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Dust collectors in action

Collecting dust produced by work polishing

A worn out dust collector was replaced with a high-performance dust collector GDE Series. The customer was very impressed by the GDE Series dust collector's inverter auto-airflow control, which enables the dust collector to collect fumes and dust produced by polishing using a constant airflow rate specified in advance.

Collecting polisher dust

A customer troubled by dust collection equipment that stopped working due to filters clogged with dust replaced the equipment with a high-performance dust collector, GDE Series which does not require frequent filter replacement. The customer was very satisfied with the dust collector needed much less frequent filter replacement.

Fume trapping during arc welding

A customer worried about fumes produced by arc welding installed a high-performance dust collector GDE Series. Since fumes have adhesive properties that cause filters to clog more quickly, in order to prevent filter clogs, we recommended installing the optional fume box and automatically supplying a filter aid powder. Now, whenever the customer installs a new arc welder machine, they install a dust collector GDE Series along with it.

Dust trapping during dry cutting

A customer worried about dust produced by dry cutting processes installed a high-performance dust collector GDE Series. The customer was impressed by how the nanomesh structure's ultra-fine filter surface filtering greatly reduces maintenance frequency. What's more, the customer was impressed by the dust collector's inverter, which automatically adjusts airflow volume according to how much air is needed, thus eliminating the need to adjust the damper that is a feature of typical dust collectors.