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Non-freon air-cooled oil chillers

Non-freon air-cooled oil chillers

VSC Series

This is the industry’s first R1234yf non-Freon coolant compatible oil chiller. With a global warming potential of less than 1 and ozone depletion potential of 0, this coolant is an environmentally-friendly alternative to Freon. And, of course, these oil chillers are exempt from the Fluorocarbon Emissions Law. VSC-N Series oil chillers greatly reduce maintenance time and labor because they do not need a basic inspection every three months. What’s more, they reduce costs associated with collecting Freon when discarding and dismantling equipment.

Model Use area temperature
Cooling capacity
External dimensions(H×W×D)
VSC-N1500 5~45 1350/1580 H720×W360×D449 53 Product details
VSC-N3200 5~45 2650/3050 H755×W400×D450 58 Product details
VSC-N6000 5~45 5200/6000 H1100×W475×D495 95 Product details