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Oil chiller

An oil chiller is a device that cools oil such as lubricating oil for the spindle motor of the machine tool and hydraulic oil for the hydraulic unit attached to the equipment.
Apiste's oil chiller "VSC series" simultaneously achieves high-precision oil temperature control of ±0.1℃, which was difficult with conventional oil chillers, and reduction of management man-hours by means of a HFC alternative emission control method.

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Non-freon air-cooled oil chillers

Non-freon air-cooled oil chillersVSC Series

This is the industry’s first R1234yf non-Freon coolant compatible oil chiller. With a global warming potential of less than 1 and ozone depletion potential of 0, this coolant is an environmentally-friendly alternative to Freon. And, of course, these oil chillers are exempt from the Fluorocarbon Emissions Law. VSC-N Series oil chillers greatly reduce maintenance time and labor because they do not need a basic inspection every three months. What’s more, they reduce costs associated with collecting Freon when discarding and dismantling equipment.

Model Use area temperature
Cooling capacity
External dimensions(H×W×D)
VSC-N1500 5~45 1350/1580 H720×W360×D449 53 Product details
VSC-N3200 5~45 2650/3050 H755×W400×D450 58 Product details
VSC-N6000 5~45 5200/6000 H1100×W475×D495 95 Product details