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Case studies a Control Panel Cooling units

Straightening machine control panel cooling

A customer installed a straightening machine control panel on an upper floor but had equipment repeatedly shutdown due to heat. The customer followed up by installing a filter-less control panel heater. The space has high ambient temperature, and when considering what kind of cooler to install, the customer selected a ENC-GR-Pro Series cooler with filter-less specs because the equipment is on an upper floor in a difficult spot for doing filter maintenance.

Utility equipment control panel cooling

A customer who is replacing chlorofluorocarbon equipment with non-freon-gas equipment installed a non-freon-gas control panel cooling unit. The originally installed chlorofluorocarbon equipment requires an inspection once every three months and incurs various expenses, such as filter replacement. As a result, the customer quickly decided on a ENC-GR-Pro Series model, which is both filter-less and has highly energy-saving inverter control.

Metal machining line control panel cooler

When replacing existing cooling equipment, the customer installed a non-freon-gas and energy-saving control panel cooling unit. To preserve the global environment, non-freon-gas is the obvious choice, and customers are installing more and more energy-saving products every year. An inverter developed by Apiste that keeps operation to the required minimum reduces power consumption by as much as 55% compared to older models using on-off control.

Conveyor equipment CPU panel cooling

When replacing a worn out existing control panel cooler, the customer installed a top mount type, filer-less, energy conserving control panel cooling unit. Besides solving the problem of procrastinating on doing filter maintenance for top mount type cooling unit, the ENC-GR-Pro series model the customer selected was a good fit for the company's efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Conveyor equipment control panel cooling

A customer who was systematically converting his workplace control panel cooling units to non-freon-gas equipment installed ENC-GR-Pro Series models. The customer's shift to non-freon-gas moved steadily forward for a number of reasons, including chlorofluorocarbon control costs that rise every year and the effects of global warming. He was very impressed by the filter-less design and energy efficiency of this environmentally-friendly model.

Cooling outdoor control panels

A customer installed a control panel cooling unit with outdoor specs to cool a power conditioner board. Equipment installed outdoors is greatly affected by heat from direct sunlight and therefore requires more heat protection than equipment installed indoors. Outdoor spec control panel cooling units use SUS exterior panels. The internal structure as well has resin-coated coolant piping, a condenser coated with a cation electrodeposition containing a resin coating, and other features that prevent rust and ensure safe use.