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Environmental equipment
Mist collectors in action

Examples of Apiste’s high-performance mist collectors in action, including those trapping oil mist generated by machining center are introduced.

GME series

Trapping of oil mist generated from machining center

The GME-S series is a compact, lightweight mist collector that is easy to install on top of a machine tool. Compared to our traditional models, the volume is 56% smaller and the mass is 34% lower.

Trapping of oil mist generated from lathe machines

While the filter in a filter-type mist collector used to clog up quickly, leading to ambient embiroment harsh deterioration, GME series has been highly rated for its ability to trap oil mist stably using a collision separation disc while having a self-purification effect.

Trapping of oil mist generated from washing machines

Compared with existing conventional filter-type mist collectors, GME Series has been employed because of its ability to trap oil mist from not only processing machines but also washing machines with a longer period before it needs to be maintained. In addition, compared with the cyclone type, the trapping efficiency is also highly rated.