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Mist collectors in action

Oil mist collection for vertical machining center

A customer troubled by the tendency of older mist collectors to clog and disperse oil mist into the air installed a mist collector GME-S Series. The customer was impressed by how the mist collector has a collection apparatus perfectly sized to collect mist particles and greatly reduce clogs and by how the positive pressure drain smoothly discharges collected oil mist. Moreover, to deal with oil mist micro-particles the customer uses a high-performance filter designed especially for the GME-S Series.

Trapping of oil mist generated from lathe machines

A customer was greatly concerned about the labor hours and cost of maintaining filter-type mist collectors. The GME-S Series' innovative slit disc has self-cleaning motion and outstanding collection performance. The customer was impressed by how the GME-S Series requires less frequent maintenance compared to older mist collectors and its stable oil mist collection performance.

Collecting machining equipment oil mist

The GME-F2200 high-performance filter mist collector is used for collecting mist generated by large-capacity machining equipment, which generates large quantities of mist that causes typical mist collectors to clog quickly. The GME-F2200 has a high-performance filter developed by Apiste that can even collect microscopic mist particles. Air drawn into the high-performance filter easily discharges oil mist condensed on the filter's glass fibers because the air flows at a right angle to the flow of oil discharge. What's more, a standard pressure gauge that monitors pressure on both sides of the filter makes it easy to check for abnormal clogs, in the unlikely event that one occurs.