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Case studies a chiller

Welding torch cooling

A customer replacing chlorofluorocarbon equipment with non-freon-gas equipment updated an existing chiller with a non-freon-gas chiller PCU-NE Series. The chiller was installed to cool a welding torch. In order to do predictive maintenance for clogged piping in the torch, the customer measured the chiller's return water temperature with the eternal temperature sensor. The PCU-NE Series displays external temperature sensor readings in the unit's LCD panel, and after installing the chiller the customer was very impressed by how easy it is to check water temperature.

Sputter cooling water temperature control

When an existing chiller broke down, the customer replaced it with a non-freon-gas chiller PCU-NE Series. The chiller is used to regulate cooling water temperature in a sputter apparatus. A sputter apparatus can quickly shutdown when cooling water temperature rises, and such shutdowns can be very costly when doing expensive production work. The customer was therefore impressed by the high quality of the nonfreon chiller's control precision, flow volume, lift, and other product specs, and decided to install it in his production line.

Cooling of vacuum deposition equipment

A customer using a vacuum vapor deposition system installs a precision chiller PCU-R Series. Meticulously controlling film thickness and forming a uniform layer of film requires precisely regulating circulation water temperature. Impressed by the ability of PCU-R Series chiller's to control circulation water within ±0.05℃ and their pulsation-free water delivery using a multi-stage centrifugal pump, the customer decided to install a PCU-R Series in his system.

Indirect cooling of the oil for hydraulic press

The hydraulic oil in a large-capacity hydraulic press operating in an underground pit heated up, and the customer solved the problem by adopting a high-performance chiller PCU-SL Series. Because the underground pit does not provide enough space for installing a chiller, we recommended indirect cooling. Moreover, the customer was impressed by how the PCU-SL Series chiller's tough design enables the chiller to maintain cooling performance even in a harsh operating environment filled with oil mist and dust.

Cooling of micro transmitters in vulcanizing machines

A customer installing a vulcanizer used the occasion to replace a worn out chiller equipped with a micro-transmitter for cooling with a high-performance chiller PCU-SL Series. PCU-SL Series chillers have a ventilation channel in the multi-sided upper part of the unit. The customer decided to install a PCU-SL Series chiller because he was impressed by how the chiller draws in air much more evenly compared to other chillers with one-sided ventilation and how this consistent airflow helps prevent drops in performance when filters clog.

Coolant tank cooling (outdoor installation)

The high-performance chiller PCU-SL series was adopted to indirectly cool the coolant tank of a machine tool.
We received high praise for the fact that outdoor installation of the chiller can be saved space in the factory, and also can be suppressed the exhaust heat from the factory. The PCU-SL series has high water resistance (IPX4) and a high-pressure pump installed as standard, so it can be used safely even in remote locations outdoors.


Injection molding machine mold cooling

Alleviates the problem of inadequate cooling that tends to occur at times of high ambient temperatures such as in the summertime.
This helps reduce part defect rates.

High frequency heating device

Cooling water is used for quenching to cool oscillators and coils that rise in temperature during heating, as well as heat-treated products.
In the summer, the ambient temperature rises and the temperature of the cooling water tends to rise, but stable cooling can be achieved by using a chiller.

Arc welder

Stabilizes welding conditions by keeping the temperature around the welding power supply and torch constant.

Sheet molding machine roll temperature control

Helps improve product quality by keeping the roll temperature uniform.

Etching, sputtering cooling water temperature control

Keeps the temperature, fl ow rate, and discharge pressure constant for the PCB cooling plate and vacuum chamber cooling water.

Plasma CVD machine

Maintains the optimal temperature for the reactor chamber, plasma electrodes, and PCBs by keeping the cooling water temperature constant.

Lamp annealing system

The stage needs to be cooled to improve the tact time by performing the annealing process at the optimal temperature.

Raw material tank

By stabilizing the quality of the stored liquid, we can improve the quality of our products and improve our productivity.
Food industry: Raw material temperature control, stirring process, brewing process Chemical / resin industry: Temperature control of raw materials, removal of heat of reaction Electrical and electronic industry: Stabilizing the viscosity of resist liquid, etc.

Exposure machine, etching equipment

Highly accurate temperature control of the stage and stable supply of cooling water to the lamp, which is the heat source, are possible.
This minimizes variations between lots and improves quality.

Precision processing machine

In a precision processing machine that requires high precision, even a slight temperature change will cause the product and spindle to expand and contract.
High temperature control that can achieve the required high machining accuracy contributes to the improvement of yield.

Laser processing machine

Cooling the laser oscillator and controlling the temperature of the optical system are essential for maintaining the stable output of the laser processing machine.
With high-precision temperature control, it is possible to stabilize the laser output without dew condensation on the equipment.

Various analyzers

The PCU-R series can be set from -10℃ to 80℃ with one unit.
This makes it possible to analyze and test in various temperature zones with a single chiller.

Printer UV lamp

Cooling is required because the luminous effi ciency may deteriorate and the lifespan may shorten if the temperature of the UV lamp rises too high.

Various inspection equipment

If the power supply of the inspection device or the measuring part generates heat, it may lead to equipment malfunction or measurement failure.
Stabilization of circulating water makes it possible to continuously maintain high-precision and stable inspections.

Vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, degassing / defoaming equipment

High vacuum pumps and water-sealed vacuum pumps decrease in vacuum as the cooling water temperature rises.
By cooling the cooling water temperature to a constant temperature, the tact time is shortened and the quality is improved.

Coating agent, impregnation tank of coating agent

The coating amount and film thickness of the coating agent change greatly due to the change in viscosity due to the temperature change. Also, the adhesive etc. may deteriorate due to the temperature change.
Keeping the temperature of the coating agent and coating agent constant greatly contributes to quality improvement.

Other examples

Electrical and electronic industry

○ Evaluation device for mobile phone base stations
○ Battery test device
○ Exposure machine

Machinery industry

○ Microwave oscillator of defroster
○ Motor durability tester

Precision mechanical equipment

○ RF power supply
○ Plasma nitriding equipment
○ Ozone generator

Chemical industry

○ Roll of extrusion molding machine
○ Kneading machine
○ Extruded cooling water tank

food industry

○ Chocolate tempering
○ Wine / beer brewing tank
○ Aroma distiller

Pulp and paper industry

○ Corrugator's splash apron
○ Ink / paint / glue storage tank

Glass / ceramics industry

○ Raw material mixing tank
○ Cleaning water for polishing
○ Storage tank for coating agents and solvents

Pharmaceutical industry

○ Drug reaction tank
○ Freeze-dryer
○ Rotary evaporator

Steel industry

○ X-ray film thickness meter
○ Plasma cutting machine
○ Plating liquid tank

Automotive industry

○ Engine bench test
○ Injection molding machine
○ Laser welder / spot welder

Metal products industry

○ TIG welding machine
○ Ultrasonic cleaner
○ Crusher