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Precision air conditioning equipment
Case studies a precision air conditioners

PAU Series

Precision inspection equipment temperature control

The inspection conditions need to be defined for inspection equipment to verify the quality, so by introducing a precision air conditioner, reproducibility is also guaranteed, and this feature has been well received by users.

Surface plate temperature control

Temperature control of the surface plate is essential in precision machining which requires a high level of precision etc. Apiste’s products are employed for the purpose of maintaining machining accuracy and suppressing expansion and contraction of the surface plate.

Temperature and humidity control for cream soldering process

Stable temperature & humidity control for the cream soldering process reduce the viscosity changes of the cream solder and the defective quality due to solder bleeding and sagging.



The changes in temperature and humidity and extreme impact on viscosity produced by the solvents and cream solders used in printing processes can cause smearing, undercutting, and abrasion. Printers therefore need precise temperature and humidity management year round.

Mold presses

Mold presses press down on and solidify powdered substances, and the quality of this process is affected by the temperature and humidity conditions where powdered substances are stored. Precisely controlling temperature and humidity inside the equipment and in the storage area ensures that quality is maintained when pressing powder into form.


A prober performs precision measurements of a microscopic object by making contact with the object with a probe. Since temperature can change the characteristics of the object being measured, the probe and the surrounding environment require stable temperatures.

Electronic balances

An electronic balance conducts high-precision measurements of substances. When changes in temperature and humidity change the substance of the object being measured, consistent evaluation of the substance is not possible. Precise temperature and humidity control makes it possible to consistently reproduce measurements.