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High-performance Mist Collector

A mist collector is a device that sucks oil mist, which is classified as particulate matter among harmful substances generated in factories, and separates it from the air.
Apiste's mist collector "GME series" is a high-performance mist collector that uses a disc type to achieve high collection efficiency and a significant reduction in maintenance frequency.

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1-way Flow Mist Collectors

1-way Flow Mist Collectors

GME series

GME-S Series high-performance mist collectors deliver air in a horizontal direction to a positive pressure drain mechanism equipped with a drain discharge port. The system ejects trapped mist out of the drain discharge port more efficiently than negative Pressure drain mist collectors.

1-way flow mist collector model list

* Particle ratio by particle counter (5μm or more)
Model Installed motor output
Collecting efficiency *
External dimensions(H×W×D)
GME-S400 0.4kW 2P(totally-enclosed fan-cooled type) 5.6/6.6 99.7 H407×W333×D547 33 Product details
GME-S750 0.75kW (totally-enclosed fan-cooled type) 11 99.7 H447×W374×D551 37 Product details
GME-S1500 1.5kW (totally-enclosed fan-cooled type) 17 99.7 H507×W434×D674 48 Product details

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