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Features for PCU-NE Series

A universal chiller using non-freon-gas refrigerant.
No more labor costs and time with Freon-gas.

Besides being gentle to the environment, PCU-NE Series chillers reduce your freon-gas maintenance costs to zero. What's more, every model is equipped with an error recorder that automatically records chiller water temperature and errors and keeps around-the-clock track of the chiller's operating status.

Uses non-freon-gas refrigerant, No more labor costs and time with Freon-gas.

Use non-freon-gas R1234yf refrigerant

In April 2015, Japan enacted the Fluorocarbons Recovery and Destruction Law. The law requires that operators of fluorocarbon emitting equipment observe six requirements, including regular detailed inspections and reporting leakage amounts. A revision of the law in 2020 to strengthen its provisions includes direct fines that bypass normal administrative procedures for equipment operators who commit violations of the law when discarding equipment. The PCU-NE Series uses non-freon-gas R1234yf refrigerant. Businesses are able to lower their fluorocarbon-related costs because they are exempt from the Fluorocarbons Recovery and Destruction Law and thus are not required to collect and discard of refrigerant or perform periodic inspections.

The chiller provides everything you need to monitor operation around the clock

The first player in this industry market, The PCU-NE Series with a drive recorder

The chiller records circulation water outlet temperature, the set temperature for circulation water, accumulated operating time, error date and time, and other important operation data. The chiller can record data in two minute intervals for up to one-and-a-half years. *When an error occurs, the chiller saves data in 5 second intervals from about 1 minute before the error occurred.
For more detailed analysis of operating conditions, data saved in the chiller can be transmitted via USB memory to a computer.

Time calendar function

The chiller has a time calendar. Daily circulation water temperature, error history, and other data recorded by the drive recorder can be verified at any time with the time calendar.

Measure and record external temperature

You can use the external temperature sensor to measure the temperature of an external object and record the data in the chiller. You can record chiller operation data and external temperature data with a single unit.

New user-friendly and secure basic functions

IoT compatible Modbus TCP

To meet the rising demand for IoT compatible manufacturing work floors, the chiller is ethernet compatible. Besides performing data read and write with external communication Modbus/TCP, the chiller is also MC protocol and Socket communication format compatible. The chiller has the versatility for meeting all kinds of IoT era needs, including tracking operation performance, visualizing data, and remote operation.

Example: external communication
Remote monitoring By outputting chiller circulation water outlet temperature, circulation water set temperature, external temperature, error output, and various other items, you can remotely monitor equipment operation from a PLC, touch panel, or other remote device.
Remote operation You can control every chiller function remotely because you can use the chiller control panel from a remote location.
Connect to
peripheral equipment
Along with monitoring the operation of manufacturing equipment, you can switch chiller cooling on and off, adjust circulation water temperature settings, and connect to peripheral equipment to control operation parameters.
Example: typical modes of communication
Operation Stop operation, error reset, key lock
Output Error number, circulation water set temperature, circulation water outlet temperature, external temperature, accumulated operation time
Settings Circulation water set temperature, water temperature upper/lower limit settings, timer settings, pump settings during errors, key lock settings

Wide diameter tank makes adding water easy

A water tank with a wide 142mm water supply inlet makes it easy to add water to the chiller. Besides making it easy to add water, the wide opening enables you to effortlessly put your hand inside the tank to clean the inside. What's more, you can easily check the tank's water quality because the wide opening allows you a good view of the inside.

Top-class four-blade multiphase centrifugal pump

A four-blade multiphase centrifugal pump delivers a pulsation-free and steady supply of circulation water. Mechanical seals use highly abrasion-resistant silicon carbide (SiC) that have around twice the service life (a 15000-hour maintenance cycle) of typical carbon seals. There is little need to worry about water leakage due to deteriorating mechanical seals.

Reliable cooling performance

Two electronic expansion valves along with internal temperature sensors provide precise temperature control that keep temperature in a very stable ± 0.1℃ and maintain circulation water temperature in a range of 5 to 40℃.The chiller can handle conditions that require pinpoint temperature accuracy. What's more, since the chiller can operate in surrounding temperatures ranging from 5 to 45℃, it can run continuously in high-temperature environments and in a wide-range of settings.

External temperature sensor temperature control

Chillers usually rely on the temperature setting at the outlet to control temperature, but PCU Series chillers have an external temperature sensor that performs "cascade control" of circulation water temperature by using the temperature of an external object to set the target temperature. When regulating raw material temperature in a jacket tank, for example, the chiller controls temperature according to the temperature of the work environment. *External temperature sensor and other accessories are prepared separately.