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Non-freon-gas & Energy saving models

Model   Cooling capacity
Thermal capacity
Air outlet volume
PAU-GR300SE Air-cooling type Temperature control 315 (430) 250 1.2(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR800SE Air-cooling type Temperature control 880 (1000) 640 3.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR1800SE Air-cooling type Temperature control 1680 (2000) 1080 5.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR3000SE Air-cooling type Temperature control 3000 (3500) 1180 10.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR8000SE Air-cooling type Temperature control 8000 (9200) 4700 30.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR800SE-HC Air-cooling type Temperature and humidity control 850 (970) 630 3.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR1800SE-HC Air-cooling type Temperature and humidity control 1675 (2000) 1235 5.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR3000SE-HC Air-cooling type Temperature and humidity control 3000 (3500) 3400 (1150) 10.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GR8000SE-HC Air-cooling type Temperature and humidity control 8000 (9600) 11000 (4100) 30.0(Normal mode) Product details
PAU-GRW9000SE-HC Water-cooling type Temperature and humidity control 9000 (10700) 9100 (3700) 30.0(Normal mode) Product details

Non-freon-gas & Energy saving models TECHNOLOGY


HFC-alternative refrigerant with no fluorocarbonrelated costs

The PAU-GR Series uses HFC-alternative R1234yf refrigerant that is not subject to the Fluorocarbon Emissions Control Act and does not require recovery/destruction by designated companies or periodic inspections, completely eliminating fluorocarbon-related costs.

Improved energy savings with ultra-high energy efficiency and reduced heat exhaust

The PAU-GR Series utilizes ultra-high energy efficiency and reduced heat exhaust for improved energy savings.
In addition to significant reductions in electricity costs compared to conventional systems and overall systems, PAU-GR systems also reduce heat exhaust by 87% compared to conventional air conditioners.

All-in-one system with 3 operation modes for a wide variety of applications

Three operation modes̶energy-saving mode, dry mode, and MAX heat mode̶meet a wide range of needs, including constant temperature and humidity control, cooling and dehumidification, and heating and humidification.

Visually easy-to-understand information

In addition to allowing users to quickly check the operation status, the intuitive icon display also makes it easy to see where an error has occurred and how to deal with it. This helps users quickly resolve problems and maintain productivity even if a problem does occur.

Simple centralized management for IoT compatibility

The built-in Ethernet communication functions (Modbus/TCP) make it easy to connect to a PLC, touch panel, or other control equipment using the TCP/IP protocol. Consolidating control of the precision air conditioner (TCU/ECU) makes monitoring current values, changing settings and managing problems, and handling other tasks easier than ever.