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Peltier cooling unit NRC-100AL

Peltier cooling unit


NRC Series

Peltier cooling unit  NRC-100AL

Supports a variety of applications. Electronic cooler that can be run on a free power supply.

Cooling capability(W) 85
Rated Voltage(V) Single-phase AC100~240
Mounting type Side-mount
External dimensions(mm) H395×W250×D175
Weight(kg) 9.5

Product Details for NRC-100AL


Mount type Side-mount
cooling method Electronic cooling system with Peltier element
Cooling capability (W) 85
Dehumidifying power (g/h) 70
Use Area Temperature (°C) 10~45
Use Area Humidity (%RH) 10~85 (No condensation)
External dimensions (mm) H395×W250×D175
Weight (kg) 9.5
Coating Color Y22-85B Ivory or suitable color
Rated Voltage (V) Single-phase AC100~240
Consumption Current (A) Rated: 2.7
Withstand voltage 1000V for 1 minute (transformer capacity 500VA)
Vibration Resistance 5Hz frequency 20mm total amplitude
Electric wave regulation VCCI (Class A compliant)
Dust prevention / dust proof protection class Equivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
Noise (dB (A)) Approx. 59
Display Power lamp (green)

Cooling capacity: According to the heater equilibrium formula at an ambient temperature of 25 ℃ and in a measurement booth of size H500×W300×D500.
Current consumption/power consumption: Value at an ambient temperature of 25 ℃, ambient humidity of 40% and panel internal temperature of 25 ℃ and voltage of 100 V.
Permissible ambient temperature: Risk of freezing when operating with no load at an ambient temperature of 10 ℃ or lower.
Dehumidification capacity: Capacity at an ambient temperature of 30 °C and humidity of 80%.

Accessories list

Mounting bolt for main unit 4 (M5×L20)
Drain hose 0.5m
Insulation lock ties 1
Spacer 4
Instruction manual 1

External dimensions

NRC-100AL External dimensions

(1) Alarm Output Line : Cord length 2m

Diagram of Panel Cutout (Standard panel cut)

NRC-100AL Diagram of Panel Cutout (Standard panel cut)

*Figure seen from control board outside.
*Please keep screw pace on the occasion of processing.
*Standard panel cut will not be changed even if a model change is carried out (some exceptions apply).

Capacity characteristic chart

NRC-100AL Capacity characteristic chart

Capacity measurement conditions : According to heater balance method.

To ensure proper operation of this equipment, read the operation manual before use.
Depending on model and quantity, separate charter delivery may be arranged (additional costs apply).
Overseas at the time of delivery, we recommend packing for overseas separately.
Using beyond the rated power supply range may cause malfunction.