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Chiller PCU-NE2500

Non-freon chillers


PCU Series

Chiller Non-freon chillers PCU-NE2500
  • Non-freon-gas
Cooling capacity (W) 2300/2600
Heating capacity (W) 400 / 600
Circulating water temperature range (℃) 5 to 40
Temperature stability (℃) ±0.1
Circulating water rated flow rate (ℓ/min) 15/15

Product Details for PCU-NE2500


(50 / 60Hz)

Cooling scheme Air-cooling type
Cooling capacity (W) *1 2300 / 2600
Heating capacity (W) *1 400 / 600
Circulated water *2 Distilled water, Pure water (1μS/cm or more), Ethylene glycol solution (concentration 15 wt% or less), Propylene glycol solution (concentration 15 wt% or less)
Temperature stability (℃) *3 ±0.1
Use Area Temperature (℃) 5~45
Circulating water temperature range (℃) 5 to 40
Circulating water rated flow rate (ℓ/min) 15/15
Maximum discharge pump head (m) *4 14/20
Tank capacity (ℓ) Approx. 12
Dimensions (mm) *5 H697×W400×D600
Coating Color Munsell N-87
Weight (kg) Approx. 58
Casters (Φmm×unit) 50×4
Rated Voltage (V) *6 3-phase 200 VAC
Power Consumption (kW) *1 0.9 / 1.2
Current consumption (A) *1 3.2 / 3.7
Recommended breaker capacity (A) 10
Circulating water inlet / outlet port size Rc3/4
Drain discharge port size G1/2
Components / Compressor Fully sealed rotary type
Components / Condenser Parallel flow condenser type
Components / Evaporator Structure : Plate-type heat exchanger
Material : SUS316 (copper brazing)
Components / Circulating pump Structure : Magnetic centrifugal pump
Output : 0.180/0.216 (kW)
Refrigerator R1234yf 340g
Noise (dB) *7 58 / 59
Safety circuit / Compressor Thermal protector
Safety circuit/Pump Thermal protector
Safety circuit / Fan motor Thermal protector, Current fuse
Input / Alarm output No voltage open-contact (Max. AC250V/1A, DC30V/2A)
Input/Output / Water temperature upper/lower limit output No voltage open-contact (Max. AC250V/1A, DC30V/2A)
Input/Output / Operation stop output No voltage open-contact (Max. AC250V/1A, DC30V/2A)
Input/Output / Pump output No voltage open-contact (Max. AC250V/1A, DC30V/2A)
Input/Output / Emergency stop input No-voltage input
Input/Output / Operation stop input No-voltage input
Input/Output / Error reset input No-voltage input
Input/Output / External temperature sensor *8 Pt100
Input/Output / Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Socket(TCP/IP)、MC protocol(UDP/IP)、Modbus TCP
Display / operation method Monochrome display, key input
Log data Recorded items:
Date and time, error number, circulation water set temperature, circulation water outlet temperature, external temperature, chiller run/stop, pump/fan/compressor run/stop, pump independent run status, emergency stop command input terminal status, run-stop command input terminal status, error reset command input terminal status, false warning output status, compressor high-pressure pressure, compressor low-pressure pressure, compressor ejection temperature, compressor intake temperature, water empty sensor status, fan control status, coolant operation volume, high-pressure protection control status, low-pressure protection control status, overheating protection control status, freezing protection control status.
Recording period: Approx. 1 year and 6 months
Recording interval *9: 2 minute intervals
Export method: USB memory, Socket communication
Functions Graph display, chiller operation status display, error history display, operation time display, calendar, write memo, water temperature error settings, operation timer settings, password settings, key lock, freeze protection operation, log data USB memory write, external temperature sensor input, cascade control

*1. Values at operating use area temperature 25℃, circulating water temperature 20℃, and circulating water rated flow rate.
*2. If you want to maintain the electrical conductivity of circulating water with ion exchange resin, etc., please contact our sales staff.
*3. Based on chiller temperature gauge display values under constant load, surrounding temperature of 25℃, circulation water temperature of 20℃, and circulation water flow at rated volume.
*4. Value calculated based on circulation water flow of 4ℓ/min. To prevent pump breakdown, avoid running the chiller with circulation water flow below 4ℓ/min.
*5. Excluding the protruded part.
*6. Maintain power supply voltage within ±10% of rated voltage.
*7. Values measured with a 1m face, 1m height, and no load stability.
*8. External temperature sensor not included. The user prepares the external temperature sensor.
*9. Errors are recorded in 5 second intervals from approximately 1 minute before.

External dimensions

PCU-NE2500 External dimensions

■Piping port sizes
Circulating water inlet port : Rc 3/4, [Tightening torque (recommended)] 50 N·m
Circulating water outlet port : Rc 3/4, [Tightening torque (recommended)] 50 N·m

Pump capacity

PCU-NE2500 Pump capacity

* Lift: 1 [m] = 0.0098 [MPa]

Cooling capacity

PCU-NE2500 Cooling capacity