VSC SERIES/Oil Chiller

Air-chilled  Unparalleled durability beyond traditional common sense



The oil chilling VSC series features unparalleled durability surpassing anything else. Provides high cooling capacity even in hot production factories and processing plants where oil mist and dust are abundant. In order to prevent trouble such as the cooling fan getting clogged quickly, which might lead to performance decline and failure, the heat dissipation fan motor speed is controlled depending on the operating conditions. In order to reduce the rpm by a maximum of 70%, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of oil mist or dust aspired in comparison with when it is always rotating at 100%. Also, its loaded with super heat control which regulates the flow rate of refrigerant to the cooling device according to the situation in order to take full advantage of the cooling device's power. This algorithm which controls the perfect balance of the refrigerating cycle under any environmental conditions properly controls oil temperature under even extremely tough conditions.

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