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Oil chiller VSC-N1500

Oil chiller
Non-freon air-cooled oil chillers



Oil chiller Non-freon air-cooled oil chillers VSC-N1500

Demonstrates its durability and cooling capacity in a harsh workplace environment.

Use Area Temperature(℃) 5~45
Cooling capability(W) 1350/1580
Power-supply voltage(V) Three-phase AC200
External dimensions(mm) H720×W360×D449
Weight(kg) 53

Product Details for VSC-N1500


Cooling method Air-cooled type
Cooling capacity(W) 1350/1580
Usable Oil Lubricating oil, petroleum hydraulic oil
Setting criteria / tuned type Room temperature, unit temperature
Control target / tuned type Outlet opening oil temperature
Temperature control range / tuned type(℃) Within -9.9 to +9.9 of the set standard temperature
Control target / fixed type Outlet opening oil temperature
Temperature control range / fixed type(℃) 5~45
Temperature control accuracy (°C) ±0.1
Oil viscosity (mm2/s) 1.4~200(ISO VG2~68)
Use Area Temperature(℃) 5~45
Power-supply voltage(V) Three-phase AC200
Power-supply voltage(V) 2.8/2.6
Consumption current(W) 600/720
External dimensions(mm) H720×W360×D449
Weight(kg) 53
Coating Color Munsell N7
Pipe connection / Oil outlet Rc3/4
Pipe connection / Oil intlet Rc3/4
Pump / rated output(W) 400
Pump / Discharge rate(ℓ/min) 12/14.4
Relief valve pressure setting (MPa) 0.6
Refrigerant / Type R1234yf
Refrigerant / Fill ration(g) 306
Noise (dB (A)) 70
Safety circuit / Compressor Thermal protector, electromagnetic switch
Safety circuit / Cooling cycle Pressure switch
Safety circuit / Pump Electromagnetic switch, relief valve
Input/output / Alarm output Non-voltage, normally open or normal close can be selected
Input/output / Run/stop input Non-voltage normally open

*Cooling capacity, current consumption, and power consumption values are based on a 35ºC room temperature and 35ºC oil temperature (ISO VG5).
*Do not use machining fluids, grinding fluids, water and water soluble liquids, pharmaceutical and food product liquids, gasoline, kerosene, thinner and other highly volatile, low-lubricant fluids, or flame-retardant hydraulic oil.
Temperature control precision is based on the temperature gage reading under constant load.
* Maintain power supply voltage within ±10% of rated voltage.

External dimensions

VSC-N1500 External dimensions

① Oil Inlet Rc3/4
② Oil Outlet Rc3/4
③ Hanging bracket
④ Control Panel
⑤ Filter
⑥ External input/output wiring opening Φ22
⑦ Power source wiring opening Φ22
⑧ External temperature thermistor wiring opening Φ22

Capacity characteristic

VSC-N1500 Capacity characteristic

Oil used: ISO VG5
*Cooling performance may vary depending on room temperature, liquid temperature, oil viscosity, and other conditions.

Please use it properly Read the manual before using Delivery of the items will be passed on the car.
(Domestic location specified, except islands) will be (additional cost) Charter flights handled separately by the number, type .
Overseas at the time of delivery, we recommend packing for overseas separately.
After verifying the specifications, insert an appropriate breaker (circuit breaker for wiring) between the product and power supply.
Cause of failure and be used at the rated power supply out of range.
Please use the service and maintenance on a regular basis.
Failure to maintain regular maintenance, you may be a factor in product performance degradation trouble.
When disposing of this product, you should comply with various laws and regulations, please go to the appropriate.