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ENC Series2019/02/19
Apiste has added 10 non-drain, down-flow, and 100V models to the non-flon-gas control panel cooling unit lineup.
Now, our customers can freely choose from our wide lineup that provides non-flon-gas cooling for any situation.
ENC Series2017/12/15
Apiste has released the ENC-GR-SUS Series of SUS body non-flon-gas control panel cooling units.
In addition to toughness specifications that accommodate any environment, the Series boasts super-slim bodies with depth as small as 99mm.
ENC Series2017/06/19
Apiste has added much-awaited large-capacity 2000W/2500W models to its non-flon-gas control panel cooling unit lineup.
More over, inverter control makes Apiste coolers the only coolers in the industry market with high energy-saving performance.
ENC Series2017/01/28
Apiste has released the ENC-GR-eco Series of non-flon-gas control panel cooling units.
These non-flon-gas models feature energy-saving inverter control and a light and compact body design.
PCU-SL Series2016/07/25
Apiste has added a water-cooling model to the high-performance chiller PCU-SL Series.
Rapid response and accuracy in every operating scenario.

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