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  6. 4-3. If the cooling object is a gas or a solid

Chiller Technical Information 4-3. If the cooling object is a gas or a solid

4-3. If the cooling object is a gas or a solid

This section describes how to cool gases and solids using cooling water.

Cooling object is a gas

(1) Fan coil unit

A fan coil unit may be used as a way to cool the gas with cooling water.
A fan coil unit is an air conditioner containing a fan (blower) and a coil (heat exchanger) in a single box. By circulating cooling water to the coil, cold air can be produced. As shown in Figure 1.2 below, some fan coil units may be suspended from the ceiling while some may be installed directly on the floor depending on the application and equipment layout. The main application is for air conditioning, but it can also be used to cool solid cooling objects as described below.

Figure 1. Hanging type

Figure 2. Floor placement type

Figure 3. Schematic diagram


(2) Air handling unit

Air handling units are able to control the humidity and cleanliness level etc. more precisely, and the temperature more precisely than the fan coil unit in (1). They are used for air conditioning inside clean rooms, and for temperature and humidity control of precision measurement, analytical and inspection equipment.

Figure 4. Air handling unit

Figure 5. Apiste precision air conditioner PAU-AZ1800SE

Cooling object is a solid

(1) Immersion in a water tank

The cooling object is immersed directly into the cooling water of the water tank for cooling.
・Water tank cooling of extrusion molded resin
・Cooling of foods packed in a pouch such as tofu, konjac etc.

Figure 6. Extrusion cooling water tank


(2) Air cooling by fan coil unit

The fan coil unit blows out cold air to cool the workpiece. The blowout temperature can be controlled by using a chiller to cool it under the most optimal conditions.

Figure 7. Implementation results of cooling a workpiece with a fan coil unit


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