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Capacity, with more than common sense method MAX DRY dehumidifier.




Cooling Method Air-Cooled Type
Type Temperature Controller
Cooling Capacity (W) 4200/4800
Heating Capacity (W) 7200/7800
Temperature Control Precision (°C) +-0.1
Setting Temperature Range (°C) 20~50
Humidity Control Precision (%RH) +-0.5%
Setting Humidity Range (%RH) DP4 °C ~
Use Area Temperature (°C) 15 ~ 35 (change in temperature gradient: within 1 °C/1h)
Use Area Humidity (%RH) 15 ~ 85 (change in temperature gradient: within 5%/1h) (No condensation)
Processed Air Volume (m2/min)(50Hz) 5.0-20.0/6.0-22.0
External Dimensions(mm) H1631×W650×D800
Volume (kg) 220
Coating Color Ivory(JPMA: Semi-gloss Y22-85B)
Blower Duct Connection Diameter (mm) φ200 with damper
Rated Voltage (V) Three-phase AC200
Consumption Current (A) 12/12
Wattage (W) 3300/3900
Drain Discharge Water Connection Diameter (mm) Outer diameter φ16
Coolant R-407c 1600g
Exhaust Air Volume (m3/min) 33.4/39.2
Safety Circuit/Main Circuit Earth leakage circuit breaker (20A 30mA), Prevent reversal relay
Safety Circuit/Blower Overcurrent relay, Delay timer (3 minutes), Surge Absorber
Safety Circuit/Compressor Overcurrent relay, Motor protector, Surge absorber, Low temperature thermostat driving prevention
Output/Main Unit Malfunction Output No-voltage contact b (AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
Output/Temperature Control Top-Bottom Limit Alarm No-voltage contact b (AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
Cooling capacity is the value in the body of the balloon at 27°C / 70% ambient temperature RH, 5/6 m³ / min air volume processing.
When the processing air volume of 20/22 m³ / min, the cooling capacity is 6400/7000W.
The temperature control precision constant temperature and humidity chamber JTMK01 - are based on the method set forth in Section 2 (Japan Testing Machinery Association) how to display performance test methods and performance.
Guarantee the accuracy of the point and one outlet in reading body temperature controller equipped with air conditioners, duct thermal interference due accuracy is not covered under warranty.
In addition, this product is intended to suppress the fluctuation of air temperature, but do not guarantee the absolute value of the temperature.
(For bias correction function is equipped.)
Ambient temperature and humidity
Some may not be able to control temperature, humidity, even within the range set.
Humidity setting, please always set to a value lower than the ambient humidity. You may also by the ambient temperature and humidity can not be controlled at the set temperature and humidity range.
Is the value of the processing air volume in the outlet body.
Dimensions above are body dimensions. Mounting flange, protrusions are not included.
Current consumption, power consumption is the value MAX. May vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity and conditions of use.
For air-cooled type, there is waste heat from the equipment. (With exhaust chamber as an option)
Ambient environment at low temperatures below ambient temperature of the protective device is used to work, we will automatically shut down the compressor only.
In that case, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the above, please use the ambient temperature in the range of use.
The actual mounting on the check, I hope specification contained in the instruction manual, the precautions.
If you need instruction manual in advance on the design, please contact your nearest sales office.

Parts list supplied

User Manual 1

Optional Parts List

Duct Set o (insulation type)


Panel Cut Dimensional Diagram is not available.

Please use it properly Read the manual before using.
Delivery of the items will be passed on the car. (Domestic location specified, except islands)
Will be (additional cost) Charter flights handled separately by the number-type.
Overseas at the time of delivery, we recommend packing for overseas separately.
If interested, please contact us to adjust attendance.
Please check through the book between items and power (circuit breakers) to the appropriate breaker specification.
Cause of failure and be used at the rated power supply out of range.
Please to the service and maintenance on a regular basis.
Failure to maintain regular maintenance, you may be a factor in product performance degradation trouble.
When disposing of this product, you should comply with various laws and regulations, please go to the appropriate.
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